Experienced Skydivers

Experienced Jumpers Are Welcome To Jump With Us!

This page is dedicated to providing experienced jumpers wishing to jump with us some information about the DZ. Information includes: pricing, the LZ, it’s outs, and hazzards. It is by no means inclusive of everything so if you see something that needs to added say something and if you have questions…ASK!!

Landing area and patterns.

In the pictures below you will find valuable information about landing areas, obstacles, and outs. We follow best practices concerning landing patterns, obstacle avoidance, and safety according to the USPA BSRs. If you have any questions please ask Jeff, Eric, or any other staff member or up-jumper on the ground for information.

There are several minor hazards surrounding and inside the landing areas. First there are several large drainage culverts that have collapsed and are creating huge caverns bisecting the experienced and student landing areas adjacent to the runway. Please be careful not to land inside them, you will disappear! Directly to the north of the manifest is a large beacon tower, if is not in a landing area however it can be on approach to your landing area so be aware it is there. Finally, just west of the airport there are power-lines running along airport road, if you have to land out there please be mindful and don’t hit them.

Ground rules.

  • Do not overfly runways below 1000 ft
  • Do not cross taxiways or runways without looking for traffic
  • If you must land off please move to the nearest road and wait for the crew


Low Pass – $19
Altitude Pass – $25
Main Pack – $7
Gear Rental – $30/ jump or $90/ 3+