Fill out the waiver

This is a true statement and we should probably say “blame the lawyers” too, but all joking aside skydiving is a dangerous sport that can have dire consequences and as such it requires a waiver or release. Below you will find a link to our waiver and instructions. You will be redirected to smartwaiver.com to complete the process. If you need to get on wifi, the network name and password are on the tables in front of manifest. If you have any questions during the process please see a staff member or come to manifest, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Get all the relevant information together including: your ID, address, phone number, DOB, etc.
  • Read all of these instructions
  • You will need to select the "SLW Waiver". If you are making a tandem skydive you will be instructed on completing the manufacturer waivers upon arrival at the DZ.
  • Complete every field on the waiver. Make sure to enter your legal name on the waiver, this is the name on your ID or Drivers License
  • Tap where it says "initial", initial with finger then tap to "accept" to accept initial or "refresh" to initial again (Do this for ALL "initial" fields)
  • Tap where it says "sign", sign your full name with finger then tap "accept" to accept signature or "refresh" to sign again (Do this for ALL "sign" fields)
  • Enter all requested information into the fields, requested information varies so please read all fields carefully NOTE: Height is in inches / weight is in pounds
  • It is very important that you enter a unique email address in the "email" field. Our system uses these addresses to distinguish jumpers. If you do not have an email address then enter: "firstname.middleinitial.lastname@noemail.com"
  • Review all information entered onto waiver then press "submit document" to submit your waiver. If any fields are red, please review entered information and correct any discrepancies before submitting document
  • Check your email for the email verifying your email address, this is important as this is the address we will be sending any photos or videos too. If you do not have an email address then ignore this step. If you do not receive a confirmation email, DO NOT fill-out another waiver; we will correct the issue when you arrive for your jump

Remember to bring your ID with you the day of the skydive because you will not be able to jump without it. Tandem participants are required to watch a brief video before completing the tandem manufacturer waivers, you will do this at the DZ. If you have any other questions between now and jump day please feel free to call manifest or shoot us a message, we will be glad to help.